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 ====== PlayGround ====== ====== PlayGround ======
-Thanks "Thanks for submitting your valuable data." 
-Fieldset "A set of fields" 
-Textbox  "Employee Name" "=Your Name" 
-number "Your Age" >13 <99 
-email "Your E-Mail Address" 
-textbox "Occupation (optional)" ! 
-password "Some password" 
-fieldset "even more fields" 
-select "Please select an option" "Peaches|Apples|Oranges" 
-static "Some static text that could be an agreement" 
-yesno "Read the agreement?" 
-textarea "Tell me about your self" 
-textbox "You need to write 'agree' here" /^agree$/ 
-submit "Submit Query"